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3 Day Shakeology Cleanse Review

A friend of mine recently completed the 3 day cleanse by Shakeology.  I asked her if she would write a review after she was done, and here is her thoughts on the program.  I have no experience myself with the products so I can’t add any personal insight to this.

Shakeology Three Day Cleanse Review

I just finished the 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse! It was the first time I’ve ever done something like this, and it was quite the experience. I have very mixed feelings about it. This blog post is going to be a very thorough review of the cleanse, and hopefully it will provide some insight for those of you who are thinking about trying it.

Basically, you’re supposed to drink three Shakeology shakes per day for three days, with green tea and fruit as a snack twice a day. End your day with a salad/veggies and about 4 oz. of lean white protein. Your shakes are supposed to be plain – one scoop of whatever flavor Shakeology (I used chocolate) and ice/water. Your daily schedule for three days would look like this:

Breakfast – Shakeology

Snack 1 – green tea/fruit (I had bananas for my fruit, but you can use whatever)

Lunch – Shakeology

Snack 2 – green tea/fruit

Dinner – Veggies & Your 3rd Shake

Snack 3 – If you didn’t drink your 3rd shake for Snack 2, you’d have it after dinner sometime.

Also, you’re supposed to be drinking a LOT of water, at least 64 oz. I had close to 90 oz the first two days, and only about 75-80 oz on the last day. This is supposed to help you lose weight, detox your body, regulate digestion, and re-energize you.


The Good:

– The cleanse was really short, and it was also really easy to follow. I’ve never done any juicing or cleanses before, but I always assumed they’re be more complicated.

– I lost 5.8 lbs in 3 days! That’s the most weight I’ve lost at one time.

– In addition to the weight loss, I lost a full inch off my waist, a half inch off my hips, and an inch off my chest. (Goodbye, boobs!) For it being just 3 days, those are HUGE numbers. It usually takes me about 2 weeks to lose inches.

– Meal preparation was incredibly easy because all I had to do for most of the day was mix my shakes. And then cut and prep fruits and veggies. For dinner each night, I had veggies (salads), which is also quick to make. (Can you tell I like things to be quick and easy?) The good thing about dinner was, in the booklet they give you to help guide you through this cleanse are a bunch of recipies that you follow and you just pick one each night.

The Bad:

– This cleanse is supposed to re-energize you. I was dead tired the entire time. Now, I’ve heard that the first day is kind of hard because your body is adjusting to the change in diet, but I got more tired as the days went on….yep, I was pretty exhausted. I have no idea if the cleanse had anything to do with it or not, so this one might be on my bad list and no one else’s.

– You have to drink the Shakeology plain. I like to put fresh fruit in my shakes, and drinking it plain was just not fun. The only bad thing is that there is a strong stevia aftertaste when you mix it with just water and ice. I had just gotten my bag of the new formula, so starting out the cleanse by discovering the harsh aftertaste was not fun. By Day 2, I was mixing it with a few strawberries or half a banana and organic coconut oil, just to try to tone it down a little. (That helped, by the way, just a little bit) Even if the shakes didn’t have an aftertaste, I still like to have different recipes every day, so it wasn’t my favorite thing to have to drink them plain.

Additionally, the fiber supplement shake thingy that comes with it and you have to drink EVERYDAY, is disgusting. I suppose the flavor isn’t too bad, but the texture… OMG, the texture. The last few drinks of that thing every day had me on the verge of throwing-up. I gagged multiple times while trying to force that devil down.

– I got tired of just eating vegetables & sald for dinner every night. That one was my fault, too. I was having to make my boyfriend dinner every single night, and I wish that I just would have made him cook something for himself or make himself a peanut butter and jelly. It was so hard knowing that all I could have was a salad and shake while my boyfriend was getting (what seemed like) I five course delicious meal.

Also, I had to have a break in my cleanse because I ended up going out of town with a friend. Which was really tough to do, I still made a conscience choice to get a salad at the restaurant we went to, (no dressing) and to not eat the double cheeseburger at the fast food place. This 3 day cleanse really is a commitment! I suggest doing it when you can really focus on the steps you need to be taking and the choices you are making.

Final Thoughts:

I doubt I will ever do a cleanse again. This was not a fun experience for me, and even though I lost weight, I don’t think it was worth it to go through the emotional turmoil. I believe that clean eating combined with exercise is more than enough for me to lose weight and be healthy. Cleansing, to me, has too many negatives to make it worth my while. That’s not to say it won’t be worth it to anyone. I DO feel pretty good today. I have energy even though I still didn’t get enough sleep last night, my digestion is working nicely, and of course I’m almost 6 lbs lighter than I was a few days ago. So if you decide to give this program a try, I offer the following advice-

– Do the cleanse if you don’t have to deal much with anyone on a 24 hr. basis. If you live by yourself or with supportive adults, then go for it.

–  Do the cleanse if you want to lose weight really quickly, like for a wedding or a hot date. If you do it right, you can lose quite a bit.

– Do the cleanse if you’ve hit a plateau and you’re just not losing weight anymore. I have a feeling this would really get things going again.

– Do the cleanse if you don’t have a problem drinking Shakeology plain. This was hard for me, and I think it would be a lot easier for someone who was actually enjoying what they had to drink three times a day.

– Do NOT do the cleanse if you have to deal with people constantly. As my energy decreased, so did my patience, and I ended up being one angry, grumpy, irritable person. Not fun for anyone. My customer service friends, if you’re planning to do the cleanse, I recommend trying it on your days off. That way you’ll still have a job when you’re done.


…and that’s it, I guess. I thought I had more “do NOT” reasons, but that’s all I can remember. So, in conclusion, I think cleansing is not the best thing for me personally, but it might be right for someone else.

Has anyone else had experience with this program?  Let us know in the comments, or if you have your own review you would like to share, send it over to me and I’ll post it.  Thanks!