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Four Tips to Avoid Falls This Winter

Four Tips To Avoid Falls This Winter

When the snow and rain starts to fall, so do people. In fact, falls are the leading cause of nonfatal injuries in adults 45 and older. Protect yourself from a life-changing injury this winter with these 4 safety tips.

Choose the right shoe.
Shoes need to fit properly and have soles with good traction. Snow boots or hiking boots will provide the best protection for the worst type of weather.
Walk like a penguin.
Take short steps and walk as flat-footed as possible on icy or slippery ground.
Keep your hands free.
You’ll need them to help you balance, so avoid carrying heavy loads and keep those hands out of your pockets. Remove snow and ice from walkways frequently. Don’t wait for it to melt. That could take a while. Apply ice melt and ask for help if you need it.
Keep your cell phone with you. Even if it’s just on a trip to the mailbox, bring it. In the event that a fall does occur, you may need it to call someone for help. Do keep it in your pocket unless you need it though.

If you do fall…

Keep your arms away.
If you are about to fall, your natural reaction may be to use your arms to catch yourself. Don’t. Using your arms to help break your fall may work at times, but it also may break your arm. Instead, cross your arms over your chest or simply keep them away from your body, so that they won’t be crushed by the weight of the fall.

Tuck your head
Most importantly, protect your head! Tuck your chin to your chest to help prevent your head from hitting the ground.