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Linzi – Office Manager



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Office manager Linzi.


I am from a southeast Iowa town called Wapello.  I am a graduate of Capri college. After doing hair in SE iowa for 8 years, I took a job as a diet coach.  During my time at Capri College, I really started to like Cedar Rapids.  While working in Wapello, I found myself missing Cedar Rapids and found reasons to visit often.  After a trip to the New Bo market, I called my best friend and told her I was moving here.

I’m a people person and enjoy the wellness side of Chiropractic, so this job fits me well.  In my off time you can always find me busy doing something.  My hobbies include cooking healthy meals, biking, hiking, sketching, going to festivals and playing with my King Charles Spaniel name Henrietta.  I’m excited to be part of the community of Cedar Rapids again and hope you enjoy our corridor as much as I do!