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Webster Technique

Chiropractic Webster Technique questions and answersDr. Jenkins is one of the only Chiropractors in our community certified in the Webster Technique, which is a specialty technique used to treat expecting mothers.

It is best described as a specific chiropractic analysis and diversified adjustment. The goal of the adjustment is to reduce the effects of sacral subluxation/ SI joint dysfunction. In so doing neuro-biomechanical function in the pelvis is improved.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about the Webster Technique, and what it does. We try to answer some of the most common ones on this page.


My OB said if I go to a chiropractor, I will go into early labor…is that true?

No, if we could cause women to go into labor we would have a line out the door. There is absolutely no data to suggest this.

My OB said if I go to a chiropractor and lie on my back that will hurt the baby…is that true?

No, the adjustment takes less than 5 minutes, and doesn’t your doctor force you to lie on your back for 24 hours during delivery?

My OB wanted to know why a chiropractor was going to turn my breech baby. Isn’t that dangerous without ultrasound?

Yes that would be dangerous. We don’t turn babies, we adjust moms.

My friend asked if the baby turns and you keep doing Webster, won’t that make it turn back again?

No, we are not pressing buttons to make the baby flip. It would be lovely if it were that easy.

My friend said if I get Webster done, the cord may get wrapped around the baby’s neck.

On the contrary, the Webster technique helps to facilitate normal fetal positioning

My friend said that I only need to get adjusted until the baby turns…is that true?

Not in this office. Getting adjusted throughout pregnancy can make delivery quicker and easier for the mom. Visit our Prenatal Chiropractic page for more information on this.

I heard if the baby doesn’t turn in 4 visits, it’s not going to turn

I have no idea where this notion came from but it is completely unsubstantiated.

How many visits is it going to take for my baby to move?

I have no idea. Babies do what babies do.

I felt movement after yesterday’s adjustment, can you check and see if the baby is head down?

No, that is outside our scope of practice. Your midwife or OB will have to check for you.


I hope this page helps clear up any confusion that you may have about the Webster technique. For more information, you can visit

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